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Here at TTA, we pride ourselves on investing in the future growth of our sport by providing a pathway from zero to hero.


This is our tennis lessons for kids section.


The Mini Tennis program is focused on teaching tennis to younger children starting from the age of 4, going up until the age of 10.


We work with the international tennis federation (ITF) “Tennis 10’s” system. This system is proven to give the mini kids the best start in tennis possible, allowing them to learn their skills on appropriate sized courts ensuring they not only develop during their tennis lessons but have fun and success from the day they start.

Full Time Academy and Studies

Full-Time Tennis and Studies is our flagship program, When you are ready to take your tennis to the next level, we have everything ready for you. We provide the perfect environment for the next generation to shine.

Our tennis program is carefully designed around each player, what sets our system apart is how we can individualize each players pathway ensuring we achieve the perfect balance of all performance factors as well as taking into account rest and recovery, injury prevention, tournament planning, and social wellbeing.

Our team of experts ensures every detail is taken care of and we will leave no stone unturned to achieve our goals. We deliver and maintain high standards every day, and expect nothing less from our players.

Combining high-performance training with the British education system. Players can prepare for their GCSE’s and A-Levels on site, along with preparing to either play the PRO tour or to be prepared competitively, mentally, and physically to gain a University Scholarship.

There are options to train full time with integrated study program or without studies.

Full Time Program Pricing

  • Tennis & Fitness

  • 1000/MO
    • 24/7 Tech Support
    • 100GB Storage
    • 1GB Bandwidth
    • Free Upgrades
    • Unlimited Users

  • Academics

  • 480/MO
    • 24/7 Tech Support
    • 200GB Storage
    • 2GB Bandwidth
    • Free Upgrades
    • Unlimited Users

  • Nutrition

  • 120/MO
    • 24/7 Tech Support
    • 300GB Storage
    • 3GB Bandwidth
    • Free Upgrades
    • Unlimited Users

  • Tournaments

  • $x4Included
    • 24/7 Tech Support
    • 500GB Storage
    • 5GB Bandwidth
    • Free Upgrades
    • Unlimited Users

*Fees invoiced per month for 10 or 12 months. Prices shown exclude IGIC (Please note: VAT in the Canary Islands is much lower than mainland Spain @ only 7%).

*The annual plan is based on a minimum 10-month training program plus 2 months in summer (optional).


High Performance Tennis and Fitness Programs


Creating a Healthy Lifestyle & Future


Through our Synergy Sports School


Compete Nationally and Internationally

Team Work

Work with others to improve your game


Synergy School

Synergy is the only school on the island of Tenerife that offers a flexible British based curriculum that supports young athletes. Our models of work allow young people the time they need to both train and achieve excellent academic results.

Battle Lab

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Scholarship Pathway

Our ultimate aim for our players is for them to achieve their dreams as professional tennis players. That doesn't mean we don't encourage the USA Scholarship route.


Tennis and fitness



Our Mission

To simply uncover the talent which lies in every player, to challenge their limits and guide them beyond. Using our unique surroundings and the wealth of expertise from our coaching team, we aim to facilitate the pathway to professional tennis and university scholarships to the US and UK.


Every journey starts with a vision. It is the mission itself that inspires players and drives them to achieve incredible goals. At TTA we start with the end in mind, and set small achievable goals leading up to the end goal.


Is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.


is What allows us to overcome our limitations and realise our dreams


Ignites the fire within that makes the impossible possible










Having a British influence and being based in Spain, we have created a blend between the game based approach along with the high-intensity drill based training systems of Spain.


with the Player being the most important person in our academy, we ensure every player is working with the appropriate coaches, at their appropriate level. Although we travel to tournaments in teams most of the time, the tournament programs are unique to each player, as well as their individual goal setting and review.