TTA Club
The club program fits in between mini tennis and competition level. It’s for players aged 10 all the way through to include adult players and is targeted starting from beginner level to advanced club level player. The junior classes for players 10-18 are scheduled in the afternoon after school.
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TTA Club

Our club is our home, and the breeding ground of our hope, passion and dreams.

Mini Tennis

Here at TTA we pride ourselves on investing in the future growth of our sport by providing a pathway from zero to hero. The Mini Tennis program is focused on teaching tennis to younger children starting from the age of 4, going up until the age of 10. We work with the international tennis federation (ITF) “Tennis 10’s” system.


This system is proven to give the mini kids the best start in tennis possible, allowing them to learn their skills on appropriate sized courts ensuring they not only develop during their tennis lessons but have fun and success from the day they start.


From the age of 3 until 5 the children are at the Pink level. The basics of tennis are taught through a series of entertaining activities covering areas of balance, focus, and coordination with the racket and balls. The racket size at this level is 19″-21″.


From the age of 5 until 8 the children are at the Red level. Here children play with red sponge balls and small courts, having an opportunity to practice different shots and teqniques, as well as have long rallies. The racket size at this level is 21″.


From the age of 8 until 9 the children are at the Orange level. At this stage, children play with orange balls on bigger courts, however not a full-sized court yet. This allows them to expand their ability to play a full game and practice their techniques adapting to the court.


For ages up until 10 years old. This is the first age category you can play official federated tournaments. Players ages 8-10 can compete with green balls in Under 10 competitions. The full court is used for this age group and the green balls helps keep the game realistic by reducing the height of the bounce and slowing play down, allowing players to develop technically and tactically.


As well as introductory kids tennis lessons, we also have a special “fast Track” program we call FUTURES.


Just like the mini tennis program, our futures program is aimed at players under the age of 10, only the futures program is accessed on an invitational basis. Access to this program is based on ability and commitment. An advanced level of athleticism and coordination, as well as a higher time commitment to the weekly training schedule. At this stage we also introduce fitness session as part of the training.


We have two futures levels which starts at the Orange level (7 years) and ends at the Green level (10 years). This program is specially for the children who would like to progress faster following the competition pathway.


The club program fits in between mini tennis and competition level. It’s for players aged 10 all the way through to include adult players and is targeted starting from beginner level to advanced club level player. The junior classes for players 10-18 are scheduled in the afternoon after school. The adult classes are scheduled in the evening for afterwork hours, as well as morning classes to suit those with varied timetables.


At this stage of development, our coaches focus on improving technique and tactical awareness, along with insuring every session is fun and active.


The Club Program groups are available from Monday to Saturday, so each player can pick the days, whilst we advise the best group for each player according to their age and level. For more information on days and times of these groups, please contact the club, or if you are visiting the club, you can ask one of our coaches.

Performance Pathway

The benefits of competitive sport to a child’s development are well documented.


Any parent knows that young children are filled with energy, eager to run, jump and play. Transferring that natural energy to competitive sports can help keep kids active and healthy as they grow, and other distractions increase that may lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. Participating in competitive sports teaches children and teenagers how to compete in the real world. As they grow older they’ll face competition in school, in the workforce and other areas of life. This helps kids understand how competition works in a friendly environment, and that if you try your hardest, you have a better chance to succeed.


Here at Tenerife Tennis Academy, we take pride in ensuring our kids GROW, here are just some of the other values we teach through competition…

  • Competition builds self-esteem.
  • Competition drives us to learn at a faster rate and perform at a higher level
  • Competition teaches us to bring our best effort.
  • Competition teaches us to manage our nerves.
  • Competition teaches us to take and manage risks.
  • Competition teaches us to cope when things do not go our way.
  • Competition helps us with goal setting.
  • Competition teaches us to play by rules.
  • Competition helps us to learn to win and lose with grace.
  • Competition teaches commitment and dedication.
  • Competition gives us another community.
  • Competition presents opportunities to travel and make new friends.
  • Competition encourages us to self-develop.
  • Competition causes kids to perform better in school.
  • Competition is Fun and Healthy.


Tennis Coaching for Adults


As well as our adult players enjoying holiday camps, and court rentals, we also provide both group training and individual coaching for Adults.

If you are a serious Adult player looking for an intensive program, at TTA we love to train adult players ready for their season, so don´t hesitate to get in touch with us to put together your perfect program.

More INFO?

Find out more about our club programs by downloading our extended informational brochure.

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