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Synergy is the only school on the island of Tenerife that offers a flexible British based curriculum that supports young athletes. Our models of work allow young people the time they need to both train and achieve excellent academic results.

Synergy’s motivation is fuelled by a commitment to provide young athletes with a tailor made academic programme and support that meets their long term goals and short term needs.

We operate from our base in Chayofa, Tenerife with sea views and a 365 days a year climate for outdoor training.

We are a small school with a rich and diverse community. Many of our students have English as their second language but they share a goal to be the best they can be and then get even better. It is this focus that gives Synergy its very special and dynamic atmosphere.

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Welcome to Synergy School.

A unique school for your unique child.
The world today is changing at a fast pace and we wanted to reflect this by creating and designing a 21st century learning experience built specifically to reflect the needs of the 21st century learner.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon

Kris Gray

Synergy Principal

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With a maximum of 8 students to one teacher every minute of their learning is focused. Targets are set, achieved and managed with increased efficiency resulting in achievement at an efficient learning pace.



Small classes and supported study sessions maximise learning and eliminate the need for home study. Home can become a place for rest and relaxation allowing family life to take centre stage.



We pride ourselves on combining the optimal balance between Academic Achievement, High Performance Sport, Nutrition, Home Life, Rest, and of course Fun.