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Having a British influence and being based in Spain, we have created a blend between the game based approach along with the high-intensity drill based training systems of Spain. with the Player being the most important person in our academy, we ensure every player is working with the appropriate coaches, at their appropriate level. Although we travel to tournaments in teams most of the time, the tournament programs are unique to each player, as well as their individual goal setting and review. Every body's pathway is different, and development rates vary from player to player, so we keep assessing and adapting each players programs throughout the year. 

The tennis Program is head up by LTA Master Performance Coach Kris Gray who has vast experience with players of all ages at international level. Surrounded by his team of experts in other fields, (Sports Science, S&C, Nutrition, Physiology) he ensures every player on the program can maximise their learning curve. 

As well as following the dream of being a professional tennis player, we make sure that every player on our program, regardless of how good a junior they may be, is on our USA scholarship pathway. We believe it is important to leave options open for your future. Even after you successfully conquer the tennis world, there is a life beyond professional tennis that you must be prepared for. 


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Tennis Teaches Values

Ever More important in todays fast pace digital era, it is essential to learn and practice good values. Here at TTA, we hold strong values above everything else. We understand our role in integrating these skills in everything we do.


Player Centred

There are many parts to the integral puzzle that is the development of a tennis player, it is essential all these parts work together as a team, and at the centre of it all is the player. the team and program is then built around each player to suit.


Step by step

The road is a long one, no matter what level you want to achieve. We make sure everybody has clear goals, short and long, to act as stepping stones toward their future. We also emphasise the importance of celebrating and enjoying each mini success along the way.