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  • Kris Gray

    Kris Gray

    Co-Founder and owner of Tenerife Tennis Academy, Kris is an LTA Level 5 qualified Master Performance As the head of the Academy Kris writes the program for our full-time players, as well as ensuring the quality is consistent on every court. Kris has worked with some of the worlds leading coaches and has coached many players to national and international titles in singles and doubles.
  • Maks Shangichev

    Maks Shangichev

    Co-Founder and owner of Tenerife Tennis Academy, Maks is a lifelong tennis enthusiast, Maks has always had a passion for competition tennis at the highest level, a true student of the game, he teamed up with Kris to create the best environment in the world for players to grow and develop into future champions.

Tennis Coaches

  • Chema


    Academy Coach Former ATP Player (top 600)
  • Mamadou


    Academy Coach
  • Michelle


    Academy Coach

Sports Science

  • Ivan


    Head of Sports Science, Head S&C Coach
  • Elisabeth


    Head of Sports Psychology
  • Israel


    Sports Nutrition
  • Christian


    Body Composition and peak performance specialist