Here you will find all information regarding tennis tournaments that are held at our club
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We organize and hold tournaments for all ages and categories

We love competitive tennis

If you’re here, it’s probably to take part in one of our amazing tournaments.

So let’s have a quick overview of how the things are going to happen to you.


Here you can find the schedules, draws and orders of plays, as well as the rules of tournaments that will be held at the Academy.



The rest is up to you… Perform well, win matches and tournaments, gather fame and glory, and gloat in front of your friends!
Tenerife Tennis Academy will do everything possible so everyone can enjoying this great opportunity, unforgettable days with the ball, racket and fun as the main protagonists.

Our Tournaments

Rey Del Sol 2020

26 – 30 August, 2020


This is why you should join us and have fun.


Torneo Semana Santa is our regular tournament first started 5 Years ago. All players from Tenerife and other islands are welcome to join. A lot of fun and wonderful prizes are waiting for you.

Tournament Info