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Full Time Academy and Studies


Full-Time Tennis and Studies is our flagship program, When you are ready to take your tennis to the next level, we have everything ready for you. We provide the perfect environment for the next generation to shine.

Our tennis program is carefully designed around each player, what sets our system apart is how we can individualise each players pathway ensuring we achieve the perfect balance of all performance factors as well as taking into account rest and recovery, injury prevention, tournament planning, and social wellbeing.

Our team of experts ensure every detail is taken care of and we will leave no stone unturned to achieve our goals. We deliver and maintain high standards every day, and expect nothing less from our players.

Combining high-performance training with the British education system. Players can prepare for their GCSE's and A-Levels on site, along with preparing to either play the PRO tour or to be prepared competitively, mentally, and physically to gain a University Scholarship.

There are options to train full time with integrated study program or without studies.

Full Time

We understand trying to combine high performance tennis training with Schooling is imposible is every parents nightmare, at some point something gives, and that is not a healthy option for any player. even without the tournament teavel comitments of an international tennis player it is imposible to find the hours to get a healthy ballance of training, school and rest, and to have some YOU time.

We combine the perfect blend of a High Performance Tennis program with flexible academics designed around the athlete, so nothing has to give. A pathway for all serious players.

Our Full Time Tennis Program includes:

✔ Initial in depth analysis, in all four performance factors. From there we can set goals and create a plan.
✔ Personalised and periodised annual plan, designed by age group head coach, along with input from our Academy Head Coach, fitness trainer and physiotherapist.
✔ Athletic profiling analysis followed by a personalised daily nutrition program.
✔ Musculoskeletal analysis with tri-mestral follow ups. injury prevention program designed as a result.
✔ Tournament planning and coach accompanied tournament trips, national and international.
✔ Weekly Sport psychologist support program helping stay mentally tough and a step ahead of the competition.
✔ Designated coach responsible to review your goals and program continuosly, and ensure the synergy runs smoothly between all support coaches and all performance factors.

The Studies Program includes:

✔ New "SYNERGY SCHOOL" our on site specialist secondry school offering iGCSE's and A-Levels through Cambridge international examinations.
✔ Entrance exam to determine entry level and set pathway
✔ 20 hour per week study program
✔ With our unique online capability we offer the ability to travel whilst keeping up with your education
✔ Inovative technology and alternative comfortable classroom enviornment

More About Our Full Time Program...


Synergy Sport School

A Sports School Created around the athlete, No Homework, Flexible Study, Continue Studies while on tournaments. Class sizes of 1:8


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Full Time Program Pricing

  • Tennis & Fitness
  • 1,000€ p/m
  • 29 hours training time

    Group Training
    Battle Lab
    Personal Training
    Matchplay Sessions
    Beach Fitness
    x4 coach assisted tournaments
    Video analysis (tec & Tac)

  • Brochure
  • Academics
  • 480€ p/m
  • 20 hours school time

    GCSE and A Level
    Flexible study options
    1:8 teacher student ratio
    Tournament travel support
    Synergise studies with sport program
    No fail policy
    Pathway to UK or US scholarship

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  • Nutrition
  • 120€ p/m
  • 3 Nutrition breaks per day
    Morning Recovery Snack
    Afternoon Booster

    Menu designed by our sports nutritionist

    A specific individualised daily nutrition plan can be arranged at an extra cost of 70€ p/m

  • Brochure
  • Tournaments
  • x4 Included
  • x4 international tournament assists included in 12 month program or x3 in 10 months.
    -Flights and accomodation paid seperate
    -After 4 trips additional coach fee of 600€ per tournament
    -Any additional fees like coach expenses will be devided between the number of players traveling in the team
  • Brochure

Fees invoiced per month for 10 or 12 months. Prices shown exclude IGIC (Please note: VAT in the Canary Islands is much lower than mainland Spain @ only 7%).

Annual plan is based on a minimum 10 month training program plus 2 months in summer (optional).